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Barbara paintingBarbara Bays has been a professional artist for 30 years. After graduating with a degree in fine arts from The University of California at Fullerton, she became a successful graphic designer. Although interesting, this career was not as fulfilling as she had hoped, so she chose to return to the fine arts and focus on her painting.

She has a great love of portraiture and often places individuals in a natural context. Highlights of her work are naturalism and photo-realism.

In the past few years Barbara's love of animals has guided her to paint animal portraits. Others who share her joy in pets and appreciate how they enrich our lives began requesting paintings. Sometimes these portraits include a family member or friend.

Deeply concerned with the plight of abused and neglected animals Barbara Bays uses her enormous talent in the education and raising of funds for organizations who pledge 100% of their efforts to cure this never-healing social wound.

Barbara, along with her motivational singer/songwriter husband, Tim Bays, and her delightful mother, Irene, live on five peaceful acres just south of Nashville in Tennessee. Three rescued dogs and an independent cat spend their days napping in the bright light of Barbara's studio. Blessed with being able to build their dream home, they still grow many of their own fruits, vegetables and herbs and share their bounty with many.


A portrait is unique in that it satisfies the artist as well as the persons involved with the subject being painted. It is a unique bond between artist and patron that has been going on for centuries. A well executed portrait not only gives great pleasure now but allows generations to have an insight into the personality and likeness of the subject portrayed. With care, paintings will last indefinitely.

I am continually fascinated by the evolution that takes place every time I paint. When the painting starts to come alive I am always delighted and amazed. The richness of the colors, how light plays upon form, changes shapes and creates shadows are perpetually intriguing.


Barbara with 'Pogo'
36th Annual Central South Art Exhibit
Herman Davis Bradley Award for Watercolor
The People's Choice Award



The Gallery
August 4-September 4, 2001
Tennessee Art League
Nashville, Tennessee

36th Annual Central South Art Exhibit
The Leu Gallery
Belmont University
Nashville, TN
Awards: - Herman Davis Bradley Award for Watercolor
- The People's Choice Award

Design West
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, California

Las Vegas Art League 16th Annual Show
Lorenzi Park Gallery
Las Vegas, Nevada

Gallery Grand Opening Exhibit
Walnut Creek Civic Arts Gallery
Walnut Creek, California

"Focus on Figure"
Women's Invitational Art Exhibit
Mount San Jacinto Gallery
Gilman Springs, California


B.A., Fine Arts
California State University at Fullerton
School of the Arts
Fullerton, California

318 Meadowglade Lane - Franklin, TN 37064 - (615) 414-0458 -

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