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Brie"Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for my beautiful painting of 'Brie.' I feel like I have her back with me. I look forward to seeing and working with you again. Thank you is not enough."

Lois Zorn - Arkansas (May 24, 2001)

"Barbara Bays is a MAGICIAN with a paint brush! Her paintings are so lush and beautifully detailed - you feel as though the frame disappears and that you are THERE. I never tire of looking at my Bays, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have a special piece of art in their home."

Katherine Ely - Maryland (September 22, 2000)

Travis and Cody"An incredibly gifted artist! Barbara rendered a beautiful portrait for our family and created a piece of history which will be passed down for generations. Her perfectionism and intricate attention to detail is exceeded only by the love and passion she brings to her work. Her painting is one of the most valued treasures in our home. It's personal ... it's priceless."

Helen Lewis Moore - Tennessee (August 9, 2000)

"Barbara Bays is an outstanding, talented and creative artist. Her work is consistently excellent and representative of the high standards she sets for herself. I recommend her highly."

Janice Crawford Walker - Director of Communications for County Office of Education, California

Butch and Molly"Barbara Bays is one of the most talented artists I have ever worked with. I commissioned her to do a picture of my two puppies and was absolutely thrilled. Her attention to detail and her genuine love of animals sets her apart from any other. I would recommend Barbara Bays to anyone!"

Jamie Klee - California (August 2, 2000)

"Barbara Bays has superior talent and skills as an artist. She has a great capacity to take a client's concept, make it her own, and produce a piece that pleases all. She possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is sensitive to the needs and concerns of her client. I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara."

Judith A. Rambeau - Public Information Officer, California

"Classically trained, highly educated, nationally recognized and professionally revered Barbara Bays lives, thinks, and breathes fine art." There are many who can paint 'pretty pictures;' Barbara Bays creates museum-quality treasures that will be passed down from generation to generation."

C. Anna Wright - Tennessee (April 9, 2000)

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